Be Wise. Save! April is National Credit Union Youth Month

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ALL Youth ages 0-17 can earn up to $20.00 deposited into their account. That’s $20.00 for free! We will also be drawing for a $50.00 prize as well so don’t miss the chance at up to $70.00!

This year, we are giving every child a monetary prize! $15.00 will be deposited to all youth accounts who EARN the prize by completing their respective Challenge books. These small booklets consist of 5 challenges and completing all 5 challenges will be worth $15.00. You can complete the challenges at any point in the month and be eligible for the $15.00 deposit. To verify the completion of your book and receive the deposit, you will need a stamp of approval by an employee. This stamp of approval can be administered either in the credit union lobby or by phone call by a parent verifying the completion of all challenges by the child. You will be required to give the answers to the completed challenges during this phone call.

An extra $5.00 will be awarded to the child who gains their stamp of approval by coming into the credit union so don’t miss your chance to earn the full $20.00!

The booklets are separated into two age ranges: 0-10 and 11-17. Each book contains challenges that are tailored to teaching basic financial concepts for the child’s age. You may need to assist your child if they fall in the lower end of either range. You have two ways to gain access to the booklets. If you live near the credit union, feel free to pick up a ready made copy in the lobby or at the drive-thru. You can also find the booklets available to print out and create yourself below. Please pick up or print the booklet that pertains to you or your child’s age.

Click the picture above to download the Challenge Book for Ages 10 and under

Click the picture above to download the Challenge Book for Ages 11-17.

Don’t forget! We are still offering the National Savings Challenge as well! Anyone under 18 who makes a single deposit of $5.00 or more to their DCTFCU savings account during Youth Month will automatically be a part of the savings challenge and be placed in the drawing for a cash prize of $50.00! If your kids don’t have a savings account at DCTFCU, don’t worry! You can open an account at any point during Youth Month and be eligible for all prizes. We hope the month of April helps you become wiser about saving!


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