We’re Here For You.

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In these uncertain times, we are here for you.

First, we want you to rest easy knowing that your money is safe.

Second, we want to assure you that we are sensitive to the new state of unease you may be in with your finances as a result of business shutdowns from the Coronavirus pandemic. Let us help you get a better understanding of your finances. We offer a range of helpful articles and programs through our Financial Wellness Center that can help you get a handle on your changing income landscape. We know there are those of you that have applied for unemployment or are working with a new income amount in some way. These numbers may be different than what you have been used to and will create some changes in your current planned budget that leave you with uncertainty. By going through the Banzai Coach: Creating a Budget program, you can easily create a new budget that will help you see your finances more clearly during this time. If anything, it will help you see exactly what you may lack as a result of your new or uncertain income and where additional assistance may be most helpful for you during this trying period.
Complete the Coach short course here and let us help you see where your finances stand in the midst of this uncertainty. Banzai Coach: Creating a Budget
If you would like to view other articles or courses pertaining to your financial health, check out the Financial Wellness Center found HERE or on our home page. Feel free to browse through other courses that you may find helpful for your financial well-being as well.

Third, if you are a current member, give us a call. We will gladly talk with you about your options and are handling all financial cases individually. As a member, you are important to us and we are here to help you.

Thank you all for allowing us to be your financial institution, we truly appreciate all of our members and want the best for YOU. Stay safe!

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