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Do you feel overwhelmed financially? Just can’t seem to stay ahead? Do you find yourself struggling to stick to a budget? Or balance a checking account? Or saving money?

Daviess County Teachers FCU is SO excited to offer all of our members a financial wellness center and interactive financial literacy courses that can help teach you these concepts and so much more! Banzai is a premium online financial literacy program used by millions of teachers and students around the country and we are bringing it to your home. Start and stop at any time and experience real-world financial literacy in a fun, safe way. FOR FREE. Yep, it’s completely free! We are determined to help you succeed in your finances and we are proud to be able to GIVE you a course that we believe will impact the way you manage your money to better your life.

You can choose from 3 levels:

Banzai Junior : Learn the basics of spending, saving and earning.

Banzai Teen: Learn more involved concepts like basic budgeting, checking accounts, debit cards, saving, preparing for unexpected events, etc.

Banzai PLUS: Learn advanced financial concepts that occur in real-world living. Learn about credit scores and their long-term affects, investing in a 401k, auto loans, home loans, insurance, saving for your future, preparing for unexpected events, and learning how the choices you make affect your finances.

These courses are interactive and fun and tailored to create an overall entertaining experience while learning crucial financial concepts. Don’t let the names intimidate you, choose any level you may want more understanding in or do all three! We hope you enjoy the course as much as we have!

Click the picture below to get started!

Teachers in the Owensboro area also STILL have access to the curriculum and Teachers version of these courses as well. If you are interested in Banzai for your classroom that includes the online program, grading program, booklets and more go to to sign up and get your FREE materials.


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