Here at Daviess County Teachers Federal Credit Union, we value our younger members and hope to encourage each one to appreciate the advantages of having a credit union membership.

We are committed to promoting financial awareness to set the next generation up for financial success! Below are a few ways we are partnering to do just that.

As a proud partner with BANZAI Financial Curriculum. We currently sponsor a number of area schools and provide them with FREE financial literacy materials. Banzai is an award-winning financial literacy curriculum that fulfills many state mandated requirements for personal finance and financial literacy. The printed and online interactive materials allow students to learn how to manage money in real life scenarios using up to date financial products. The best perk is that Banzai does the grading for you and there is virtually no prep time. These materials are available to all area teachers who may be interested!

Feel free to check it out at

Contact Tina Payne at 270.684.8954 ext. 113 if you are interested in these materials for your classroom!

Lil’ Kirby Roo

For children aged 4–12

Lil’: Kirby Roo is a parent-centered site that helps families plan for their kids’: financial future and helps guide young members through financial planning from infancy to young adult. Here you will find articles, news, and credit union programs that can help your family make wise decisions in those first few very pivotal years. This site also offers access to the mobile site and to lots of fun interactive games for ages 4-12! Check it out!

Kirby Kangaroo

For children aged 12 years and younger

The Kirby Kangaroo Kids Program offers tons of fun and activities for your kids while teaching them the value of saving money! Visit the website by clicking on the picture above for interactive games and more. Also, don’t forget that you have access to download the Kirby Kangaroo newsletter as well for more articles and games! Learning to save has never been more fun!

Kirby Kangaroo mobile app is here! This new app is perfect for teaching your children how to be smart with their money while having fun! Check out the iTunes store to download the FREE App Today!

Claim Your Youth (CU Succeed)

For Youth aged 13-17 years of age

Claim Your Youth is available to help you become and stay successful with your money. If you download the Claim Your Youth Newsletter, you can find out the best ways to budget your money and how other people your age are doing it too!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Claim Your Youth financial network website! Here you can find all sorts of articles and facts that will help prepare you for your future and teach you the basics of budgeting to get you started with a secure financial future!

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