rewards! Program – Credit Card Rewards

With each purchase you make using your DCTFCU VISA credit card, you can earn points that put money back in your wallet! As you accumulate your points through the rewards program, you can get CASH BACK or choose from a variety of merchandise items, gift cards, pre-paid cards, airline tickets, ticket credits, cruises, vacation getaways and SO much more!

All of our credit cards are already set up to accumulate points upon activation, but the way to redeem your points is to set up an account. If you do not have an account, click the link below and click “register” to get set up.

Once you set up your account, you will see how many points you have accumulated in the top right corner. On the top left you will find a “browse rewards” drop down menu that will give you categories you can choose to look through to see your redemption options. As you browse through the items, if you find something you like, click add to cart. When you are finished “shopping” go to your cart to place your order.

If you are having trouble placing your order, you may need to verify your account by calling the number in the bright red alert bar at the top of the page. For security, the primary account holder will need to verify the account over the phone to assure that an authorized individual is placing orders.

At the bottom portion of the screen, you may notice a section called “My Wish Bar.” This is where you can place items that you may be interested in, but may not have accumulated enough points for. As you near the number of points needed to redeem the items in your wish list, you will be notified via email that you can redeem for that item if you so choose.

The rewards! login can be found on the home page or you can CLICK HERE

Happy Shopping!!

Ampre Rewards – Debit Card Rewards Program

Enjoy special offers from your favorite merchants instantly through our money-saving Ampre Rewards program. With Ampre you can enjoy thousands of opportunities to get cash back! You can earn up to 10% cash back and save on your purchases at the most popular national brands, plus your favorite regional and local retailers too! Offers are available both in-store and online.

You’ll receive discount offers from merchants through email, the web, or text messages according to your preferences. There are no coupons to clip or codes to remember in order to redeem these offers; simply use your debit card to make the purchase and you’ll realize the savings instantly!

In the enrollment process, you will be asked to enter the last SIX digits of your debit card number, your mobile number and email address. Please note that you can opt out of receiving any texts or emails from Ampre directly below where you enter your information. Opting out will not keep you from receiving available offers, you will still be able to view them when you log into your account. If you have any further questions, you can view the FAQ’s located on this page or contact a credit union representative for assistance.

Every debit card user is automatically enrolled for these rewards so click on the link below to set up your account and view the offers that are available to you! Be sure to continue checking back, the offers rotate out periodically!

The savings are easy! Simply:

  1. Login for Ampre® to view your potential savings.
  2. Use your debit card to make your purchase and watch the savings stack up!

At any time you can log into your Ampre Rewards account and view your available and redeemed offers, or change your personal information and preferences.

Here are a few things to know when shopping:

  1. The person at the merchant checkout will not necessarily know that there is a discount associated with your purchase, but rest assured that your Ampre Reward will be redeemed.
  2. Your transaction will be processed for the original amount at the time of purchase; with a separate credit for the savings amount to follow.

 Click here to open your account!

Ampre Rewards FAQ’s

Q: When will I see the cash back credit in my account?
A: You will receive the cash back credit to your account within 1 week after the transaction is processed. This cash back may be surrendered in accordance with Ampre’s Terms and Conditions if you return or reverse the qualifying transaction.

Q: What is Ampre Rewards?
: Ampre Rewards offer a digital incentive (like a coupon) that is linked to a debit card.  Merchants offer these incentives to cardholders for them to enjoy at their restaurants, stores or places of business.  A cardholder does not have to do anything to receive rewards except register his/her card through the Ampre registration site provided by his/her financial institution.

Q: How does a cardholder enroll in the Ampre program?
 The cardholder is already enrolled through his/her financial institution. Logging in will allow the cardholder to view their available rewards. In the login process, the cardholder will be prompted to enter the last 6 digits of his/her card number.  This is used to authenticate the cardholder.  The cardholder will also be prompted for email address and cell phone number, which will be used for communicating the Ampre offers.

Q: The cardholder received an error when trying to Log in as a new user.  Why is he/she unable to log in?
If the card does not have POS capability, it cannot be enrolled, as the program is based on POS purchase activity. If the card is closed, blocked, or inactive, it cannot be enrolled. If the zip code entered at enrollment does not match the zip code on file, an error will be returned. If the card was opened very recently, the data used for verification may  not be loaded yet.  Allow one week from the time of the card open.

Q: How does a cardholder know when a Ampre offer is available to him/her?
 If the cardholder provided an email address when registering, he/she will receive an email as notification of a new offer.  A cardholder may also log into his/her Ampre Rewards account to view available offers.

Q: How are Ampre Rewards redeemed?
 The cardholder must simply use the enrolled card at the merchant in order to redeem the reward.  The merchant most likely will not know that a reward is associated with the transaction.  The redemption happens independent of the merchant transaction processing.

Q: Will the cardholder see the redemption on his/her sales receipt?
No, the reward redemption will not show on the sales receipt.  The reward transaction is processed separately from the original merchant purchase transaction.

Q: How does the cardholder receive the credit for the Ampre reward?
 The credit will settle to the cardholder in the same manner that other POS transactions settle, through the financial institution’s normal settlement process for card based transaction activity.

Q: How does the cardholder see what he/she has saved with the Ampre rewards program?
 The “Savings History” page on the cardholder’s Ampre rewards account will reflect the savings realized with the Ampre reward program.  The cardholder can also view any past redemptions through the Ampre rewards account as well.

Q: What if a local merchant doesn’t currently offer Ampre rewards?
 Please contact your Relationship Manager at Vantiv and they will be happy to get the appropriate individuals involved to discuss starting an Ampre rewards program with that merchant.

Q: If a cardholder is issued a new card number because a previous card was lost or stolen, does he/she need to log in as a new user in Ampre rewards?
 Yes, the cardholder will need to log in as a new user with the new card number.

Q: Are Ampre rewards applicable to both PIN and Signature POS transactions?
 Yes, both types of transactions are eligible.

Q: How will the Ampre reward appear on the customer’s statement?
The exact presentation will vary by FI, however the original transaction will settle for the full amount, and the reward will appear as a separate credit to the account.

Q: What if a cardholder is declined for insufficient funds, but they have enough funds available for the transaction with the Ampre reward included?
 The transaction will be authorized for the full amount, therefore the cardholder must have funds available for the transaction amount without the reward credit included.

Q: What if a cardholder returns an item that originally qualified for an Ampre reward?
 If a cardholder returns an item for which he or she received an Ampre credit, the merchant may or may not debit the cardholder for the Ampre reward amount.  This is at the discretion of each merchant.

Q: The credit for the Ampre reward posted to my account before the debit for the purchase did.  Is this normal?
 This could happen if the original transaction was performed as a signature based transaction.  The Ampre reward credit is sent through for settlement the same business day as the transaction, whereas the signature based purchase may take a few days to settle.

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