Make A Payment From External Accounts!

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We’re Making Things Easier! Make a Payment to Your DCTFCU Loans or Credit Cards from any External Account Through our Website, Mobile Banking or Via Text! 

We heard your need and have been working hard to bring you the ability to initiate transfers or debit card payments to your loans from other institutions! Now, it is with pleasure that we announce that this convenient, secure, and readily accessible new service is being put in place and we anticipate its arrival to be within the next week or so. We are finalizing our last tests to ensure quality and will have it ready for you by the middle of July!

You will be able to initiate loan payments or transfers from other institutions or debit cards easily with our quick payment portal available on our website and mobile app. After entering some personal information, you will find a list of your loans and accounts along with the option to make a payment using a debit card or an ACH transfer from another institution. Once you add your cards and accounts to the portal the first time, it will save them so you can continue to log in with ease and make the payments or transfers with just the click of a button. Each debit card transaction through the portal will continue to have the same $3.00 fee we charge when paying over the phone, but all ACH transfers will be free to you. In addition to our web and mobile portals, you can also make payments easily via text! Just text the word “PAY” to 270.684.8954 and instantly make your payments. As before, once your information is saved, it will automatically make the payment you request without needing to re-enter card or account information. We love the seamless and intuitive nature of this service and are so excited to finally be able to fill this need for you! Read the information below to see how this feature will work once our new service is live!


What you should know:

When you verify your account for the first time you will have to setup the following:

4 digit pin: once you have entered your account number and date of birth, it will prompt you to create a 4 digit pin. Store this information in a secure place as you will need this pin number to verify future payments.

Preferred method of payment: To make a payment you will have to add your preferred form of payment in the portal. You can do this by selecting ADD NEW DEBIT CARD or ADD NEW BANK ACCOUNT which will prompt a secure website for you to input your information. If done correctly, there will be a message stating ‘Payment Method Success’ and you will be redirected to the payment portal.

Once your account has been successfully verified, you will be directed to the payment portal where you’ll be able to see all of your loans and will also be able to select your preferred payment method.

Member Benefits:

  • The transaction fee for debit card transactions is only $2.99.
  • The transaction fee for ACH transfers is Free.
  • Encrypted information guarantees your information is secure
  • Convenient ways to pay from an external account: website, online/mobile banking, and text
  • Payments accepted from external checking accounts, savings accounts, and debit cards



Can I make a payment on my loans through my online and mobile banking account?

If you would like to make a payment directly from your DCTFCU account, please click here to log into your Home Banking. There is no fee to make a transfer payment through home banking.

Who can I call if I have questions about my loan?

Give us a call or text at (270) 684-8954 and our friendly staff can answer any questions you have about your loan.

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